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If Chris were an explorer he would undoubtedly venture into the realm of glamour in his quest for unique and vibrant beauty. Acting on instinct, this charismatic artist must break free from modern-day clichés. “Sensuality,” he says, “is in the eye of the beholder.”  What he aims to capture is the exaltation of the senses, from the joy of a newlywed couple to the exquisite playfulness of his models. Sensing the unfathomable, he kows how to capture on camera the split second when beauty is revealed.

Although a renowned professional, Chris occasionally seeks new sources of inspiration away from the whirl of fashion events. He has settled down nearToulouse, in Albi - a recent addition to the World Heritage sites - and claims many quiet towns are also rife with talent. But he has the soul of a wanderer, and if the mood strikes him may from time to time give in to the appeal of luxury and glamorous living.

His search for perfection often takes him to the Baltic States and Russia for the slavic charm of their models.

Chris usually works with black and white – the ultimate colors of charm, elegance and power – but will occasionnally switch to brighter shades. Shootings take place in his studio as well as outdoors.