We offer 2 levels of editions (30 or 500 copies) as well as 2 qualities of printing :

- HD PAPERS and Multi-Supports printed by PICTO (French Lab since 1950)

In these 2 categories you will find the least expensive prints (Print Argentique) as well as the highest in quality ranges, according to  the format or the selected support.

- FINE ART PAPERS (LUXURY) printed by PICTO (French Lab since 1950)

In this category you will find the most luxurious impressions (HAHNEMÜHLE Museum Etching and German Etching) to satisfy the expectations of collectors and art lovers.

The purchase of an artistic work in Limited Edition of 30 prints will guarantee two things : the pleasure to buy a photograph in limited edition and to participate in the Harmony between Man and Nature which will bring us Love and Happiness on our Planet (10% of the profits donated to the World Wide Fund for Nature Foundation : www.worldwildlife.org).



First of all, be aware that your screen doesn't faithfully reproduce colors and contrasts. Indeed, few of you calibrate their screens properly and no commercial screen is originaly calibrated, which doesn't allow you to appreciate perfectly the color tones retouched. However, no problem since all the players in the production chain (shooting, retouching, printing ...) have all calibrated their screens and their printers. Thus, we guarantee you a faithful reproduction of the works in spite of an essential element which, in return, will strongly influence the final image: the paper.



In order to help you in the selection of papers proposed, I recommend you to select fine art print HAHNEMÜHLE MUSEUM ETCHING (my preference) or HAHNEMÜHLE GERMAN ETCHING (more expensive). I use these textured papers for all of my works presented at exhibitions and all my edits have been calibrated according to these print media.

Then, for budget reasons, my second choice is Baryte Hahnemuhle Fine Art Paper. It will allow you to take full advantage of the shades of colors, however, blacks and contrasts will not be as deep as paper MUSEUM.

And finally, the papers SATIN or BRIGHT are proposed for the small budgets. All these papers, despite the different renderings, will allow you to better appreciate the rendering of colors.



We offer several formats depending on the media you have selected, however please note that photographs are always truncated according to their dimensions. Here is an example of printing in different sizes:





The laboratorie that we propose, PICTO, is famous for his professionalism and his finishing. I decided to give priority to PICTO for all the media offered and mainly because of the quality of Hahnemühle papers.

To honor the orders of prints, I chose to appeal to these two quality professional structures, which will bring their expertise to make a high-end print, and to pack and ship it in the best conditions. These structures offer 5 year warranty. In case of difficulty in the shipping or management of an order, the professional concerned will settle any difficulty under my supervision.



They will be sent to you and signed by my hand upon receipt of validation of your order. This certificate attests that the print is an original artwork that meets the legal criteria, numbered and signed and that it's a part of a limited edition.

Remember that for a work to be considered a "work of art" within the meaning of the tax provisions, the print must be signed and numbered by the author, within a limit of 30 copies per work, all media and formats combined. Therefore, the artistic works for which I have chosen the series of 500 copies are not fiscally "works of art", regardless of their artistic quality elsewhere. The price of works put on sale is therefore directly related to their status within the meaning of the tax law. Certificates of authenticity will be issued for all prints, but only those for works drawn up to 30 copies can open the right to the tax benefits mentioned HERE


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