- GROSSE GRÖSSE KUNST FOTO Kunstfoto in limitierter Auflage, Großformat limitierte Edition, Zeitgenössische Kunstfotografie Limited Edition, Großformat Limited Edition, Großformat Kunst Limited Edition

You represent a large store brand (furniture, design, decorations ...), a web structure that sells many artworks or you are just looking for creative artists to feed your products ? I propose to talk about our common interests to work together on short term or long term while using my reputation as an artist.




Know that I'm able to give you some pictures, a complete series or even develop a unique collection strictly dedicated to your business, your expectations and your needs in limited quantity accompanied by authenticity certificates for each of the artworks. I can also visit you with all currently marketed visuals printed in medium formats, to get a better idea of my images' quality.




Anyhow, we will establish a contract for the dissemination of the works, in total harmony with the intellectual copyrights conditions, managed by the Agessa : placed under the double supervision of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health and the Ministry of Culture and Communication (France), the Agessa covers, on behalf of the Social Security, the contributions and contributions due on the artistic remunerations of the artists-authors.

Do not hesitate to contact me.